Angel of Death

from The Plagues of Egypt by Aaron Leatherdale



A rap based on Exodus chapter 11-12


You fool, the Angel of Death will take the breath
Of all your firstborn, Pharaoh, you've been warned

In Egypt there was a lot going on
False gods close their eyes, thinking they’re wise
To their surprise, death, Angel of the Lord
He’s coming with the sword
‘Bout to turn your city to a morgue
He’s coming for your firstborn
Israelites, you’ve been warned
Told to sacrifice animals, put the blood
On the top and the sides of your door
Make bread with no yeast
No leftovers, death passed over, let’s feast
We serve the God of Peace
Death can’t touch us, God still love us
And we’re still here with my brothers
Let’s feast, we’re going to stay together
We’re protected

It’s midnight. What’s happening? Moses depicted death and it’s happened so tragically. I believed it was just a fallacy. Not a star shines in this moment in our galaxy. My son, whom I could’ve saved, was reduced to nothing from the words of a slave. You were so brave, you were going to be the greatest god of all. They would speak about you for thousands of years, now not at all.

History was written so that you, my son, could win, but now you’re laying in my arms. What have I done? I’ve committed this murder with my own hands, his soul stands with Amenhotep and Akenhaten, please deliver him to his home. Accounts of Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, even the livestock have been slaughtered. I must not falter, I must set these Israelites free, and give them honor.

My servant, I’m sorry to disturb you, but gather Moses and Aaron that they may gather all their people, and gather their herds, too. They must go, we cannot keep them here, lest we all come under this curse of God, and be filled with fear. You must gather them. You must tell them that they must go. They must go.


from The Plagues of Egypt, released June 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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