Pharaoh's Death Decree

from The Plagues of Egypt by Aaron Leatherdale



A rap based on Exodus chapter 1-2


I hear, I hear the decree of Pharaoh, the mighty.
Your son shall not live. The decree of death is released, the death decree.

Pharaoh's death decree
He told the midwives to take the baby boy’s lives
Deliver them, but if they're a male, then abort them
And give them to their mothers post-mortem

I hear the sound of soldiers scurrying feet running through the streets
Taking every Jewish newborn ripping them outta the sheets
Ripping them outta their homes, outta their cribs, outta their beds
It's not a nursery rhyme, this is the worst of times
Malicious, they throw the babies to the fishes
In the River Nile with the vicious crocodile
Alligator, reptile, sharp teeth, menacing smile
Baby bodies mount up by the pile
Where is our defender?
They separate the babies by their gender,
Women and the men aside, systematic genocide
Women scream, horrified, sickened, pulse quickened
Their hearts beat and pant inside, it's infanticide!

Where is the God of Israel? I know He chose us
I need to hide my baby Moses
Hide him in a basket, hide him in the reeds
Gotta trust God, ‘cause that's where the crocodile feeds
Where is the God of Israel? I know He chose us
I need to hide my baby Moses
I put him in a basket, push him off the river banks
Give thanks, push him off the sands, into Gods’ hands

I have to trust, I have to believe there’s a plan
As I watch my baby float away

What is this that’s coming towards me?
Servant, go and fetch this basket.
Bring it to me, that I may see
What is this, do my eyes deceive?
A little one floating freely,
What is this, do my eyes deceive?
It’s a Hebrew, it’s a Hebrew baby


from The Plagues of Egypt, released June 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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