Radiant (feat. Samson)

from Radiant by Aaron Leatherdale



A track based on Psalm 34. Back in the day my vision was blurred but now He's making my face so radiant!


You're making our faces radiant
We'll never be put to shame again

I used to have so many burdens like a lead weight
Wished that I could fly away and levitate
To escape all of the stress
I wished I was a bird so I could fly away and find rest /
My mess had me thinking, I was on a ship that was sinking
Into the bottom of the sea
When I was a slave to the grave, depraved in a basement, afraid
The Savior invaded my space and gave me a radiant face /
When I was cold like the ice and frost
You know, my wires were crossed
People used to ask me, Why the long faces?
I was searching, lookin' for love in all the wrong places /
Lookin' for identity, the enemy was steadily temptin' me heavily
Spittin' his venomous venom at me
On a crash course till collision occurred
I couldn't see straight 'cause my vision was blurred /

You're making our faces radiant
We'll never be put to shame again

I was born inna the light but captured in the dark
And somewhere in the middle there was a chain reaction
That set off a spark, nuclear boom, fast lane zoom /
On my way to the wide lane, me and my good fellas
And all my companions, in our own eyes we were the champions
Wise men, dumb enough to believe the hype again, lie again /
Hopefully the stains won't stick to my garments
As we live the Christian life only on Sunday
Hit by a sidewind, when the cross got me, it moved me
Son of Man made me feel so worthy /
Step into the throne room of the Most Holy
I know I don't belong here but You brought me here
It's Your goodness and kindness that draw people near
Now I know, now I know /

If you happen to be feelin' like I do (x3)
Then sing along

You're making our faces radiant
We'll never be put to shame again


from Radiant, track released November 27, 2012
Lyrics by Aaron Leatherdale and Samson
Music composed and produced by Jared "JTL" Logan
Mixed by Jared "JTL" Logan
Mastered by Brian Calhoon


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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