A rap based on Exodus chapter 11-12


The Passover, the Angel of Death passed over us
‘Cause lambs blood was brushed
On the door posts, we trust the Lord of Hosts is for us
He hasn't ignored us, this is the greatest exodus
Exodus, in spite of Pharaoh's oppressive fist
A new day dawns, our freedom is on the precipice
Flight by night, Egypt paralyzed by fright
And wonder, plundered, Rameses torn asunder
Lamb’s blood protected us, from that angel's cryptic clutch
On the lintel, threshold, now we got our chests full
Of clothes, silver and gold, we've taken all their wealth
600,000 men leaving with stealth
Families in tow, wives and kids, let's go!
Kneading bowls on our shoulders filled with unleavened dough
With our flocks and herds, and the bones of Joseph
Every Israelite is leaving, Egypt is grieving

Pillar of cloud by day
Fire by night
This is the exodus
The great Israelite flight
Pillar of cloud by day
Fire by night
This is the exodus
Exodus, exodus

You have been faithful, You’ve set us free
And now we are running, now we believe again


from The Plagues of Egypt, released June 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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