The Glory of Egypt

from The Plagues of Egypt by Aaron Leatherdale



A rap based on Exodus chapter 1


We journey back in time, to ancient days gone by
To the days of Egypt, the days of Pharaohs
In a distant land, in a distant land
To the days of Pharaohs

This desert oasis, braced for any impact, war, or change that could rearrange dates, times, seasons, and faces, shining like a pyre in the nighttime, this city makes everything in a 2 to 9 mile radius look old, decrepit, and ancient. The city of a great king. The advancement of this race was a sight to behold. You could see it shining from the highest mountaintop or below. Nestled in the crescent of a valley, filigree gold inlay in every nook and cranny. From the tombs that consume to the palaces and streets, what was made could never be made again for eyes to see. This is the story of a kingdom, so vast that it could not be compared.

The height of human enlightenment, all its inhabitants studied arithmetic, geometry, art, and others gifts within. Language that transformed more than a nation, but transcended alphabetical simplicity, ever increasing greatness. Thutmose I, the Pharaoh that started all of this, acknowledged as a god, wisdom deeper than Solomon. His chamber was a temple, his priests dwelt close to tell, the greatness of his fury and the power of his yell.

Let’s take a closer look, to the heart of Egypt, and see that there’s more to this story than we’ve seen. Let’s take a closer look. It’s a hot day, Pharaoh in his castle steady lampin’, chillin’ like a villain while so many whips are cracking.

I truly have designed such an amazing system, 600,000 Israelites and not one of them missing. Continuing to build upon the glory of my mind, even keeping them alive makes me kind. These peons, they couldn’t stand against me, I don’t know why I was so afraid they would rise up and get me. They know the drill, they’ve been beaten and if they try and misbehave, I guess God really needs his slaves. I guess a god really does need his slaves.


from The Plagues of Egypt, released June 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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