Yes Again

from Radiant by Aaron Leatherdale



Even if you fall a 1000 times you gotta get back up. This song is about experiencing the mercy of God.


I’ve always had a strong desire and a pull
Deep down inside of my heart like a fire in my soul
I remember days praying with my eyes closed
Saying, “Even if they all deny you, I won’t! “/
Making promises so great and grand
I had a willing spirit but I couldn’t understand
Why my flesh was so weak, I was struggling
So many different things in my life I was juggling /
Promises I made they were dashed to shards
Crashed to the ground like a house of cards
Grieved and shocked, my tears drops were rolling
I felt like Peter when he heard the cock crowing /
I felt like giving in, quitting, and giving up
But then You spoke to me, You told me that my love is enough
You said it's real though it feels like a mess I'm in
Here I am, I'm sayin' yes again /

Here I am, I'm sayin' YES AGAIN
Even when it feels like a mess I'm in

Create in me a clean heart, fresh start
Here I am, I'm giving You the best part

Create in me a clean heart, fresh start like a Monday
You're the Potter, I'm the vessel made from clay
When I mess up, no religious dress-up
You see behind the masks I’ve made, the masquerades /
Cleansing me with hyssop
My sins got blotted
100% signing on the line that's dotted
I commit, whatever it takes
Cause I'm learning that Your gentleness, it makes me great /
You evaluate my heart the deepest yearning
Inside of my mind where the gears are turning
I used to run away from You, yeah I was reckless
Now I know You're moved by a link of my necklace /
Glance of my eyes, You took me by surprise
Though I fall, new mercies always helping me rise
Though it feels like a mess I'm in
Here I am, I'm sayin' yes again /

The pitter patter of the rain on my window pain
Reminds me that Your love will never change
Reminds me that I'll never be the same
I remember when You washed away the stains


from Radiant, track released November 27, 2012
Rap lyrics by Aaron Leatherdale
Music produced by Jared "JTL" Logan
Mixed by Jared "JTL" Logan
Mastered by Brian Calhoon


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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