Have Mercy (Psalm 32​,​51)

from The Book of Psalms by Aaron Leatherdale



Have mercy on me because I've been wrestling with sin
Feeling tested again, I flunked the exam, a fallen man
Stressed over sin, this mess that I'm in, this cycle has been
Many years, many tears shed/

My decisions have led to this moment Now I have to face it,
which I could erase it instead....a person is dead
Because of me, because I gazed for too long from the rooftop
I tried to stop, but the bait was too strong/

I choose wrong, even though I know right
The joy of my salvation is gone, the darkness has come, there's no light
In sin I was conceived, Adam & Eve were both deceived
My family tree, their blood is pumping through my veins & arteries/

It's hard for me, to depart from the sinful nature, it's part of me
I've acted wickedly, despicably, iniquities are in me
but I'm sick the consequences, my conscience is quenched
I bring my sacrifices, forgive me of my vices/


When I swept my sin under the rug, my life was gone like a drug
I groaned, my bones wasted away, sluggish
Face the day, I couldn't! Like the summer heat & humidity
My strength was spent, I didn't repent, because of my stupidity/

My proclivity for lust, my character flaws caused it
I tried to hide my sin in the closet, I tried to hide my tracks
My iniquities were eating at me, tossing & turning, I couldn't sleep
Dragging my feet, waving a white flag of defeat/

Bad for my health, I hated myself, having flashbacks
A lonely road, my shoulders carried the weight of load
The blood of an innocent man was spilt, waves of guilt were crashing
Over me like a tsunami, Your hand was heavy on me/

Despise me not, a broken spirit I got
I was disciplined & chastened, I was rebuked by Nathan
Blessed is the man with a clean slate, sin has been acknowledged
Mercy has been given, he's forgiven/


from The Book of Psalms, released June 26, 2017


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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