A rap based on the Book of Revelation


There’s another day coming when Pharaoh will rise again
Reprobate, the antichrist, oppressing the saints
Judgments will be released, and this man of lawlessness, this man of sin
Will be destroyed, and the saints will be victorious
21 judgments, God’s wrath completed
Saints have the victory, the beast they defeated
I saw the sign in heaven, angels with bring linen
This is light and dark collision, good VS evil
Colliding with this antichrist, the worst of the worst, sadistic
A master of manipulation, misfit, perverse and twisted
Erasing every moral codes, amalgamation,
Of all the world religions, worship me, abomination
This man of lawlessness, this man of sin
The saints will be non-conforming wearing everlasting gold crowns
7 bowls poured out, the last show down
Standing on the sea of glass like an ocean
They sing the son of Moses, flashback to Red Sea, flight from Goshen
Devotion unparalleled, spotless bride
With the Ancient of Days and the Lamb, they side
The great tribulation, wipe away all the tears

Depicted in this story is a lot for us to hold, but behold, God, the King of Glory, comes to let us know. A kingdom from the sky is coming down to set on the ground, capture the sound of death and destroy every cloud. Strip every evil from the face of the planet, and in a moment, every lover He’ll inhabit. No longer snares laid as a trap or evil magic, but the Messiah will show us more powerful than we could imagine. So many things will happen. Our government will change, agriculture will flourish as decay goes down the drain. Every animal and child, all together dwelling in unity, truly peace will reign as our God rides to do these things. Indubitably, in truth, we will see, what eye has not known, and hearts have not received. Who can stop the Lord Almighty? Not a one, under, over, behind, or in front of the Son. Catch it? This is simply a foretaste, more’s at stake, when war breaks our homes. Safe in His zone, under the shelter of His wings, we will sing and dance and shout, holy, holy is our King! Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess, Jesus Christ, the slain risen Lamb is forever blessed. He shall receive glory and honor and power alone, those with weapons will beat them into tools to help Him sow this kingdom into the very fabric of existence. Princes and princesses, turned kings and queens with quickness. Enter in the Holy Lord to His temple, God will manifest Himself, are we ready? Let’s get there.

The saints are singing with palm branches in their hands
Salvation! Be to our God and to the Lamb!

Great and marvelous are the works
Great and marvelous are all the works that Yahweh has done

Jesus cracked the sky and the bride screamed, glory
Hallelujah, all praises go to Yeshua
We gon’ live the rest of our days, we should throw a parade
Have the whole crowd screaming His name, Jehovah!
The greatest of all time, He’s in it, the end-times
We’re drinking the new wine
We gon’ have a toast to the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
For His love, and just look at His glow
Just like the Father wiping all tears
The devil locked down for 1000 years
I got a smile on my face knowing we are His
Different races, all from different places
We come to together as one
We gon’ have fun with the Son
And I know we got work to do
I’m just happy to get to work alongside You

Salvation belongs to our God
Who sits on the throne
And unto the Lamb


from The Plagues of Egypt, released June 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Aaron Leatherdale Kansas City, Missouri

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